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Town & Country, October 2008
Ultimate Access: Jewelry

An attempt to define the ultimate jewelry collection,
with help from upscale retailers and estate dealers,
plus six pages of fabulous jewels. [Download PDF]


Jewelry Artist, October 2008
Calder's Mobile Jewelry

Before he became famous for his giant mobiles, Alexander Calder was making wearable versions and experimenting with wire wrapping and found objects. [Available for reprint]


Portfolio.com, May 2008
Reality's Bites

The market for baby-boomer memorabilia is topping out. Is it time to buy into skateboarding, videogames, and '90s rock? [Read the article]

Art & Antiques, March 2008
Grand Entrances

Albert Paley has been redefining metalwork for four decades, from his roots in sixties art jewelry to portal gates and architectural sculpture. [Read the article]

Art &Antiques, Sourcebook, Winter 2008
Post-Modern Palace

A Miami gallerist revives a rundown Morris Lapidus hotel in South Beach with a $200 million renovation and a vivid collection of contemporary art. [Download PDF]



New Jersey Life, October 2007
Curve Appeal

A Jersey developer beats Jay Leno at Pebble Beach with one of the forty vintage cars he began collecting at 15.


AmericanStyle, June 2007
Lofty Aspirations
Ruth and Rick Snyderman make a home above their popular galleries in Old City Philadelphia, filling it with studio furniture, ceramics, glass, painting, photography and sculpture by artists they helped make famous.

[Read the article]

US Airways, May 2007
Museum Pieces

Frank Gehry came up with the idea of designing jewelry for Tiffany & Co. as a way to fund his building projects. Introducing: wearable Gehry. [Read the article]

Art & Antiques, February 2007
Collection Collateral
You don't have to sell off an art collection to earn cash from it. Many auction houses, private banks and independent lenders allow collectors to keep artworks in their possession and still secure a loan. A guide to three types of lenders that consider your collection as collateral. [Available on request]