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Lapidary Journal Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, May/June 2011
The Flamboyant Jewels of Salvador Dalí
Salvador Dalí was best known in his later years for his moustache and eccentric ramblings, but recently he’s gained a following among a younger, hipper crowd and art connoisseurs are taking a new look at the prolific output of his later years – not just his paintings, but his astonishing jewelry.
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Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, April 2011
Setting Style: Van Cleef & Arpels
Between the jewelry itself and the stars who wear it, Van Cleef & Arpels delivers some high-powered flash, but there is amazing technical prowess and inventive design behind the glitz. A look inside an exhibition of VC&A at the Cooper-Hewitt.
[Available for reprint]
Lapidary Journal/Jewelry Artist, August 2009
Building an Online Following
A new wave of jewelry artists is setting up shop online, navigating a rapidly evolving network of virtual marketing and selling. Here are a few tips for selling handmade goods online, including Etsy, 1000 Markets, and Trunkt. [Available for reprint]

Lapidary Journal/Jewelry Artist, March 2009

Graphic Goldsmiths
Adding patterns to jewelry can be as easy as feeding a metal sheet through a rolling mill or as complicated as making your own mokume gane. A look at three studio jewelers who have mastered the art of graphic jewelry design. [Available for reprint]

Town & Country, October 2008
Ultimate Access: Jewelry

If you could have the ultimate jewelry collection, what would it look like? Here's one possibility: six pages of inspiration, expert advice and eye candy.
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Jewelry Artist, October 2008
Calder's Mobile Jewelry

Before he became famous for his giant mobiles, Alexander Calder was making wearable versions and experimenting with wire wrapping and found objects. [Available for reprint]


Jewelry Artist, July 2008
Three to See

A look at the jewelry of three young artists who are reinventing fine jewelry by setting diamonds in meteorite and sewing beads into perforated metal. [Available on request]


JCK, June 2008
Studio Jewelry Time

Recent exhibitions at major museums are renewing interest in mid-century studio jewelry. Celeb designers like Stephen Webster pay tribute to the radicals who inspired them. [Read the article]


JCK, May 2008
Christie's Rides the Wave

Rahul Kadakia, head of the most successful department of the world's most successful jewelry auctions, shares the secrets behind those record-breaking sales. [Download PDF]  


Jewelry Artist, January 2008
Rock Stars

Sometimes the "art" in art jewelry is in the stone, not the setting. A look at the distinctive styles of four of America's most talented gem carvers. [Available for reprint]

Art & Antiques, September 2007
Sculptural Ornaments
Connoisseur Helen Drutt shares her discovery of avant garde jewelry over the past 45 years in a comprehensive exhibition.
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Jewelry Artist, June 2007
Modernist Masters

A groundbreaking exhibit in Boston explores the roots of American studio jewelry, when artists began making wearable Cubism and Surrealism. [Available for reprint]

US Airways, May 2007
Museum Pieces

Frank Gehry came up with the idea of designing jewelry for Tiffany & Co. as a way to fund his building projects. Introducing: wearable Gehry. [Read the article]

Country Living, December 2005
All That Glitters
For more than two decades, collector and dealer Ronna Lee Aikins has sought out the sparkle of rhinestone jewelry, an exuberant and affordable art form.
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JCK, May 2007
JAR: Elusive Trendsetter

The windows of his Paris shop are empty, he doesn’t do interviews, and he’s never bought an ad or mailed a press release. Yet the influence of this American designer is
enormous and his creations can sell for more than a million dollars at auction. [Download PDF]