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Country Living, February 2009
Country Classic: The Vintage Stove

Vintage stoves look a lot like old cars, right down to the chrome fixtures. [Read the article]

Country Living, October 2008
Country Classic: Yellowware

A bit about yellowware bowls, past and present.
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Town & Country, August 2008
Your Own Private Africa

A former bond trader took brings the Hemingway experience to your backyard with elaborate custom-made tents.
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New Old House, Winter 2008
Starry Night Farm

Using salvaged materials and the quirky layout of his own 18th-century home for inspiration, an architect creates a traditional stone farmhouse in Chester County, Pennsylvania.
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New Old House, Fall 2007
Salvaging History

Architects show how salvage can save money and environmental impact while making period-style homes look authentically old.
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Smart Homeowner, September/October 2007
Closing in on Zero Energy

In rural Pennsylvania, twin houses received the nation’s first LEED gold rating for homes and prove state-of-the-art energy efficiency can be beautiful and affordable.
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Philadelphia Home, Summer 2007
Light Meals

A window-filled addition gives a family kitchen a chance to shine.
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Artistic Appetites
A mosaic artist and mother of four brings a flair for the dramatic to her redesigned kitchen.
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Smart Homeowner, May/June 2007

Green Restorations for Historic Homes
Renovating an old house not only preserves the heritage and craftsmanship of a bygone era, it also eliminates the environmental impact of constructing a new house. But sustainable historic preservation can be tricky, as anyone knows who has tried insulating a drafty Victorian without destroying plaster walls or leaded windows.
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Old-House Journal's New Old House, Spring 2007
A Study in Design
"One of the biggest challenges in renovating classic
homes is to make something look like it belongs there," says Dennis Lawlor, a principal at The Classic Group in Massachusetts.
"The goal is to have someone walk in and ask, 'What did you do here?' They shouldn't be able to tell."
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Country Living, February 2007
Rhapsody in Blues

A collector turns a former schoolhouse in Pennsylvania into a weekend retreat with interiors designed to show off his prize blue-and-white Cornish ware.
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9 Ways to Create a Mood with Color

Ever notice how cozy you feel in a room painted burnt orange or burnished gold? Or how spas are often awash with soothing cream
and beige? If you're looking to create a mood in a room, color is a powerful tool.
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Art & Antiques
Paradise: A Gem Realized
American jewelry designer Carolyn Tyler built her four-tiered Balinese dream house on abandoned rice terraces that descend the banks of the River Wos.
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