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Amtrak ARRIVE, July/August 2010
Adventures by Moonlight
If you've ever seen the ocean glittering under the stars, you know how nightfall transforms the outdoors. That magical change, and the thrill of being in the wilderness after dark, explains why moonlit excursions are becoming so popular. Now you can paddle rivers and hike or bike mountain trails under a full moon, all with the safety of a guided tour.
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Penn Gazette, January/February 2010
Life and Death in Ur
Ever since British archeologist Leonard Woolley discovered the 2,000 burials of ancient Ur in 1922, the treasures from its royal tombs have claimed the spotlight. Lately, however, researchers are turning to the less-glamorous artifacts to reveal surprising realities about life in Mesopotamia.
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Marketing Review, August 2009
Today's Travelers Demand a Good Night's Sleep
Hotels and resorts are finding creative ways to profit off the demands of sleep-starved travelers with everything from bedding sales to spa treatments and full-scale medical evaluations. [Read the article]

CreditCards.com, March 2009

6 Ways to maximize hotel rewards
Hotel reward points can help you get more vacation for your money, especially if you take advantage of loyalty program incentives and partnerships between card companies, hotels, airlines and retailers. [Read the article]

Marketing Review, Fall 2008
Experiments in Podcasting

Tourism bureaus were the first to jump into podcast and online video marketing. Now hotels, museums and cruise lines are discovering new ways to appeal to the wired generation. [Available for reprint]

Town & Country, August 2008
Your Own Private Africa

A former bond trader brings the Hemingway experience to your backyard with elaborate custom-made safari tents. [Download PDF]


Pursuits, Summer 2008
The Scoop on Pennsylvania Ice Cream

A history of ice cream, and the best places to eat it, from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia.
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Art & Antiques, September 2007
Traveling Collector: Thomas Eakins’ Philadelphia
Beneath the current art scene, the heart of the city’s most famous native painter still beats. [Read the article]



Acura Style, Summer 2007
Navigating the Land of Adventure

An adrenaline-fueled tour of New Zealand's South Island by car, foot, helicopter and kayak. [Read the article]


MSN City Guides – ongoing reports on places to go and things to do in Philly:

Art After 5, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Terror Behind the Walls, Eastern State Penitentiary
City Secrets: Fleisher Art Memorial
Liberty Bell Center & City Hall


US Airways, January-March 2007
Dining in Philadelphia

Three new restaurants to check out when you're in my town: Ansill, Lacroix and XIX.
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Four Seasons, Winter 2006/2007
Not So Antique Row
An influx of contemporary design boutiques and
galleries are bringing new energy to Philadelphia's
venerated antique district. [Available on request]

More, June 2002

Switzerland on Skates
When I signed on for an inline skating tour through Switzerland, I never expected to find myself skating 39 miles in one day. It was the Alps themselves that drove us on.
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Chapter from Escape Plans: Quick and Easy Getaways within Easy Reach of Washington (first published in The Washington Post travel section)

Cape May's Higbee Beach is known as a migratory ground for several bird species and a haven for nude sunbathers. Beware: it's easy to mistake one path for the other.
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